Head of Department: Prof Rajeshwari Subrmaniam

Professor of Anaesthesia. An avid exponent of Regional anaesthesia especially intrathecal opioids, obstetric epidural analgesia and paediatric regional anaesthesia.

Organising Sectretary: Dr Anjolie Chhabra

Completed 6 month Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship in Ultrasound guided Regional anaesthesia from St. James' University Hospitals, Leeds. Enthusiastic about using regional anaesthesia for providing surgical anaesthesia as well as postoperative analgesia. In addition to performing other blocks currently using paravertebral block to provide anaesthesia for breast surgery.

We are a dynamic department of 31 faculty members all enthusiastic about ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia whether we are using it for treating acute postoperative or chronic pain

We also extensively use the ultrasound for Point Of Care in the Operating Theatre and ICU.

Contact Us:-

Dr. Anjolie Chhabra Mobile +919810104383

Dr. Debesh Bhoi Mobile +917042129428, +919868398008


  • Volunteer Scanning with hands -on experience
  • Interactive – talks and case discussions
  • Demonstration of anatomy on cadavers
  • Point of care ultrasound- gastric, lung
  • Needling in soft embalmed cadavers
  • Everything you want to know about Ultrasound & Anaesthesia